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As human beings with limited time, energy, and resources, we naturally desire to get the most done with the least amount of work possible. From reading books and experimenting throughout the years, I have accumulated a collection of techniques that maximizes efficiency and has allowed me to achieve a 3.93 GPA while studying less than three hours a day. Below are some of these techniques. Although I have separated it in general and chemistry study tips sections, these study tips can be applied to every class you will ever take in high school & college. Furthermore, some of these tips, especially the blocking technique, will skyrocket your ability to get more done in less time not only in school, but in life in general. I hope these tips will benefit you as much as they have and continue to help me. General Study Tips 1. Study in purely focused block periods Our body functions in cycles. For example, our circadian rhythm dictates when we sleep. Likewise,... read more

Chemistry, in my opinion, is the most widely applied subject in the educational system. You can apply chemistry when you're cooking, cleaning, filling up your car, brewing beer or wine, welding, dating (carbon and speed dating), and thousands of industrial processes. I once heard from one of my chemistry professors, Dr. Chad Morris, "Chemistry is applied physics, and physics is applied math." Therefore physics, chemistry, and math all work in harmony.   You probably apply chemistry every day and don't realize it. When you make coffee in the morning, ever wondered about the chemistry involved in making a cup of joe? You have to first grind the roasted coffee beans to expose the caffeine and flavor compounds housed within the beans. You then have to filter hot water through the grinds to extract the much needed caffeine and flavors. Water works as a solvent to dissolve the polar caffeine and flavor molecules which pass through the coffee filter and into your carafe... read more

As this 2012-2013 school year has come upon us, I started to reflect on a number of major tutoring successes I had the pleasure of experiencing over the 2011-2012 school year. In one such instance dating back to August, 2011, I began a long-term partnership with a high school senior who was taking AP Chemistry and desired the best possible course academic outcome. This student and I initially setup a regular once-a-week Saturday session schedule. Due to the developing rigors of the course, on par with what I have taught at the college-level, the frequency of meetings was subsequently expanded to include Monday evenings, as well. At each session both the tutor and student were prepared with appropriate resources, and the client always had a very clear sense of what was to be accomplished at each meeting. Communication was superb at all times. The student's grades continued to steadily increase such that by mid-spring 2012 the average had risen to a 100 (tops in the class at... read more

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