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· Pre-Reading Strategies:       -Question yourself:               § What is the topic?               § What do you already know?               § What has already happened?               § What do you think will happen?      -Read headings:               § What do you already know about the headings?               § Turn headings into questions to be answered.                      · What is...?                      · Who is...?                      ·... read more

As you know, all teachers (and tutors!) were once students. So they know all the pitfalls that can cause a student to not get their homework done. The reason can be social - maybe the student wants to get his or her work done but the distraction of all the social media is too much to resist. The reason can also be academic - maybe the subject is difficult, such as challenging concepts or perhaps they're faced with an assignment that didn't get explained well enough to be done independently. Or sometimes it's the dreaded PROCRASTINATION. That can be the worst of all reasons to not get work done because the longer you procrastinate, the more the work piles up and then the student becomes "paralyzed", overwhelmed by the mountain of work that has accumulated. When procrastination has gotten the better of you, the important thing is to not let yourself be so overwhelmed that you don't do the work at all. Here's what you do: PRIORITIZE AND GET STARTED! It is a simple phrase... read more

When using the internet, it is important to make sure you have a quality source to site from. There are a varity of websites and blogs that are written with bias or an agenda, you always want to be confident you've sited a professional and not an ideologue. Colleges and libraries have a database you can access that have quality sources, and most everyone should have free access to them, but if you're like me, and you like to use something your professor hasn't seen or possibly is unaware of, then I suggest you look into the Library of Congress and the National Archives as a primary source. If you are looking for professional opinions, then I would suggest finding professors that have published works. They can be a great secondary source that can either confirm or dispute your thesis and theories. NEVER use blogs! Never use wikipedia, although some material on wiki is a good place to start your research; to gain some perspective on your subject, most professors will not accept wikipedia... read more

In today's world where everything is about our accomplishments, and time is of the essence, it really helps to get a tutor. I don't think I would be where I was today if I had not had the benefit of a tutor in some of my college subjects. A good tutor can help you to have more confidence and success as you move forward with your goals and dreams. Working with a good tutor can make a world of difference for you. Why not give it a try today?

The philosophy of teaching I have embraced in thirty years of teaching medical students and college students, is based on the belief that learning is student centered and that students need to be equal partners in the learning process. There must be present, a student mentor relationship of trust. There should, however, always be an authoritative presence in the mentor. This leadership should be omnipresent, whether in the classroom, tutorship, or online. The mentoring teacher’s role involves using his expertise to place necessary resources in the hands of the student and to train him to be not just knowledgeable in his chosen fields of study, but to become an expert at resourcefulness and seek the role of “teacher" himself. It is here where leadership is taught through example. Now that a great deal of teaching is performed in an online forum, students now know that the teacher’s role in the online classroom is to be a facilitator, in addition to being a provider of information... read more

The worst thing for a student can be summer vacations. The last thing on their minds is to keep up on what they learned throughout the previous school year. They want fun, freedom, excitement. None of these are often used by students to describe learning or school. However, it is important to their continued mental development that they maintain their level of understanding from school year to school year. Too much time is lost at the beginning of each school year trying to catch back up. This slipping backward can be avoided by doing simple skills every day during summer vacation. Math students should continue to work on math problems throughout the summer. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division can be done easily without pen or paper. A trip to the store or gas station can be a quick quiz for most elementary math students if a motivated parent or sibling is willing to ask them questions. Fun and entertaining math problems can be found online as well that can engage a... read more

I will be beginning my 12th year as a Middle School teacher. I've taught grades 6, 7, and 8. I've taught Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, and Life Science. In addition, I'm working my 2nd year as a summer camp instructor, in Broward County Florida, and tutor a middle school student in math. My goal as a student's tutor is not simply to teach the subject material, but to increase the student's confidence in the subject as well. I would love the opportunity to demonstrate my skills in working with your child. Thank you. Emil K.

Summer learning loss can affect everyone. Teachers must spend quite a bit of time in the beginning of every year reviewing to get students past the summer slump. There are a variety of ways you can keep yourself or your child from losing to much ground over summer. One of the best ways to keep the brain sharp and active is to keep reading both fiction and nonfiction literature at or above grade level. Even if it is only 25 minutes a day, you will keep the reading skills sharp and continue to learn new things. I also found out that Barnes and Nobles is offering a free new book reward to children who read 8 books. You can check out their website or visit the nearest store for more information. Whether in a cool place during the heat of the day, or as part of the night time relaxation, reading for 25 or more minutes is possibly the best time investment you can make. There are also many kinds of puzzles you can practice solving such as Suduko to keep the math and problem solving skills... read more

Alex made my day today. He passed the Global History and Geography Regents Exam!! Let me tell you a little bit about Alex. When I first met him, he came to tutoring two hours late. The next day an 11/2 late. He was on time on the third day, but by the next week it was back to being Alex. He did not show up for tutoring nor did he call. He would do assignments if he felt like it. There was always an excuse for something, but he would never take responsibility for his actions. When I finally sat down with he and his mother and told them that at the rate Alex was going, he was not going to pass his Regents exams. He may have to repeat the grade or go to summer school. Alex became so angry and adamant. He kept saying repeatedly, that he was not going to repeat grade 10. So I looked at him and asked, "So what are you going to do about it?" "Because saying that you are not going to repeat and then you neither study nor do the assignments, is not saying much. I think that... read more

I am so excited that I found WyzAnt!! It has been wonderful! I have met so many new people and love helping work with my students to see them advance! I worked in the public schools for 7 years and loved every minute of it when I had my SPED Resource Room for Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD students. I got to see so many young people better themselves and get passed that learning barrier to advance and become great students that even went on to college. That is what I am about!! I want my students to have the best opportunities that are out there! Just because your child may need a tutor, that does not mean that they will not surpass your ideas or their ideas for their future!! I have very HIGH expectations for my students and love to challenge them to surpass those goals to go on to new heights. Looking forward to working with more students! WyzAnt is terrific!

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. -Henry David Thoreau There is no greater foundation, than a fine education. However, it is easy to get lost in the myriads of words that fill textbooks. Some students are so overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information that they are expected to read and study, that they just give up. A talented tutor can teach students how to quickly scan the important portions of their lessons, and zone in on what concepts and terms are most essential. This saves time, energy and a whole lot of frustration. After thirteen years of college and seven years of teaching, I am confident that I can help students do this. Many of my students have told me that they never liked science, till they sat in my classes. One young lady said she thought she had no aptitude for science at all, but her grades climbed in my classes and she took heart. Together we can explore our castles... read more

(STUDENTS: Remember to write new words in your vocabulary journal. Do not worry if you cannot find any. I said it is a simple song!) INTRODUCTION A CALL AND RESPONSE SONG is sung by two or more people. One SOLOIST sings the "call." It may be a question, but not always. Everyone else sings a "response" after the call. If the call is a question, the response will be the answer. In our Christmas song "Must Be Santa", singers sing only a few lines this way. ALL sing the other parts of the song. (For more fun, people can take turns being the SOLOIST!) The YouTube MITCH MILLER video includes art that will help you understand some of these words. (You can sing along with it too!) A list of hard words and holiday terms appears after the LYRICS to the song. ------------------------------------- MUST BE SANTA (COMPOSERS: Hal Moore and Bill Hendricks) CALL: Who's got a beard that's long... read more

Psssst....parents, you have access to a free tutor and you don't even know it! As a tutor always on the lookout for more business, I am not sure I should give away this highly confidential secret, but here goes. You know your son in Prealgebra who needs my help because he recently started getting Ds on his tests? And you know your other son, the one in Algebra II that needed tutoring to prep for finals last semester? You may not be aware of this, but son #2 knows most of the material giving son #1 problems. Not only does son #2 have the ability to help the younger one, he would also greatly benefit from working with his dear sibling. He would stay on top of the review material he tends to relegate to the far reaches of his mind and start understanding the concepts he knows on a deeper level that relies less on memorization. Now, let's not get carried away. I am not saying that my professional services are unnecessary for either one of them - I have a lot of expertise and experience... read more

My emerging tutoring passion is assisting ESL college students with their coursework. Most of them must also hold full-time jobs to support themselves and often their families as well. Many require online courses to get college educations. They could not earn a college degree any other way. Do textbook publishing companies realize how much cultural bias is written into their online ancillary (supplemental) materials? Do teachers of online college courses realize how hopeless these students feel about merely passing a class when their grades depend on online multiple-choice exams consisting of 60 items to be completed in 60 minutes (60 in 60), for example? This may be a subtle form of cultural bias, but bias it is. Frankly, as a native speaker of American English with a master’s degree in journalism from University of Wisconsin—Madison, I’m not sure I could pass a 60 in 60 exam. I would like to challenge the instructors who teach these online courses and college administrators... read more

A great morning to start! Just completed my WyzAnt profile and greatly looking forward to tutoring students in the North New Jersey area! As the Fall semester closes, I'll be working in Graduate study on numerous lesson and unit plans in UbD format. It's essentially a backwards-design process that matches desired learning goals with measurable performance assessments and outcomes. Best, Jose

I discovered a love for American History. But this has not always been true. I live in a state where much of the American Revolution took place. But I wasn't always aware of history this way. I was lucky to work for several years at Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts and every day I would remind myself that I was setting foot on land that had been settled during the American Revolution by courageous and desperate men and women who left their homes in England to come to a place where they could choose how to live. Their challenges are still relevant to us today. What makes studying American History exciting is discovering that it is the story of people, not dates of events, that brought us to where we are today, in an increasingly complicated world. Viewed in this way, we can use their stories to learn how to live our own lives authentically and with integrity, and discover who we are inside. This living knowledge can transform our sense of what is possible and what matters. For... read more

Hi there I'm Michael; I'm 22 and just graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor's in Political Science. As a native Brooklyner, I attended school in Brooklyn my whole life, starting at P.S. 230, then Mark Twain I.S. 239 and then Brooklyn Technical H.S. I've taken many of those tests to get into school, such as the Specialized HS exam, the SATs to get into college so I'm familiar with testing formats and how to do well on them. My strength is more so on Critical Reading and English so I would just teach that. I am a very patient and understanding person who enjoys teaching others! Feel free to email me for more information. As an undergrad, I studied Political Science, concentrating in International Relations; I studied many different countries, international concepts and theories. To get a sample of what I mean, I will give an example. In International Relations, there are various theories to explain the world and how states (that is countries) behave towards each other... read more

Elementary Education Tutor K thru Grade 8 Educator License Certification also in Language Arts thru Grade 12 Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education For the last two (2) years, my formal students earned "Star-status" as a result of high-achievement state (Mississippi) test scores! I provide tutoring in Reading Comprehension, skills in which have proven to help raise student state test scores. $65.00/hrly. fee via WyzAnt Other academic areas I tutor include: All Language Arts' subjects grades K-12 History (American and World) Grammar Vocabulary Test Preparation Writing Proofreading I also teach/tutor students having Down Syndrome (pre-school through second grade).

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