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A recent updater for Adobe Flash caused it to fail on certain older Mac models (like my Mid/Late 2007 Macbook Pro). A fix was released within a week, but keep in mind there are alternatives out there for watching YouTube, such as HTML5.   In addition, you should never download a Flash updater from anywhere except Adobe. Not too many years ago there was a trojan horse made to look like a Flash updater file. Only use Adobe's web site, or an established software update site with direct links to Adobe, such as my favorite     The Mac Doc

Hello, So I recently purchased about 8 books off of the other day, three of which were specifically for Flash CS5. My current day job asked me to teach an extra day on Thursdays which meant I had to drop my Adobe After Effects class. Since I am addicted to animation, I took it upon myself to re-learn Flash. So I'm starting off with the Adobe Classroom in a book series, then moving onto: How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS5, then onto: Flash Cinematic Techniques. I basically created a schedule for myself to sit down for 2 hours every Friday and teach myself Flash CS5. I want to start doing some cartoon animation again in Flash. Then I can start uploading some of the work here!

Well to start this off I think I'll talk about what I have been working on as of late: Flash: I have been building a media library that utilizes a php script that reads the names of the files in a server and then sends that info to flash where it gets converted to an XML file in flash. Those audio files are then loaded into an array that populates the list that is sorted by the information given in the ID3 tag. Sounds crazier than it really is. Issues: There is no way to stop the loading of all the sounds at once after flash loads the ID3 tag. Maya: Doing a little freelance rigging for a commercial for a local company in the valley. The desired functions of the rig included: 1. a full facial rig 2. stretchy and bendy limbs 3. IK/FK snaping These are some of the recent projects I have been working on. I plan to post more info on these subjects as I finish (i.e. pros and cons / what I would have done better).

Hey there Arizonian broadcast, web and print designers! I just wanted to introduce myself and to offer my training services. I just moved from Chicago to Arizona where I was an editor and motion graphic designer working for Comcast. In that time I learned techniques for creating compelling print, web and motion graphic designs and creative editing. I love to teach and would love to impart what I learned at Comcast to you! I can teach you to become an expert at photoshop, after effects, flash and final cut pro. Hope to hear from a dedicated student willing to learn some awesome animation and graphic skills and techniques! Introductory offer of 4 free hours of training for the first 5 clients!

This is exciting! I look forward to the opportunity to tutor for WyzAnt. A friend referred me, and it looks like it fits perfectly with what I'm looking for. I wanted to share some news of mine with you. I co-manage a popular Adobe User Group in the San Jose area that I thought you may be interested in. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday, and we give a live demo or answer questions, network, etc with like-minded industry professionals. The group is a great way to get some free education, make new friends and meet amazing people. The events are free, and are hosted at the Adobe building in San Jose. We also raffle off items such as art supplies/tools, Adobe software, and books. Our blog, has posts that over free downloads, industry news, and tutorials. I just thought I would share. Thanks for reading.

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