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How do you stay on task when you feel like you just "gotta get up and walk around" because the subject is so boring? Taking meds may help you focus. But, focus on what? Something you could care less about? Something you just would NOT want to learn about at all? Do you completely tune out when you need to tune in? Can you relate to this? I can! I lived with ADD my entire life WITHOUT meds. I had trouble in school focusing on any subject that I didn't like or on any teacher whom I didn't like. I just didn't care about my school work, my grades or really anything else. I just liked to hang out, play sports, have a good time. Here's just one tip for students with ADD or ADHD: Create a BULLET & TASK LIST and run through your list each morning and evening. This will keep you on track each day. What is a bullet? What is a task? A bullet is information you need to know - A list of presidents, an understanding of how a bill becomes a law, an understanding... read more

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