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It sounds like everyone is having an exceptionally busy week, with school starting, work, music, sports, and other activities.... My schedule is filling fast too--with good students who want to get a jump on studying for the more challenging subjects. As you know, when we can study together consistently, it will make a much bigger difference than just a lesson here or there. You deserve the best education, so why not give yourself the best tutoring? Like they say, a good education really pays -- FOR LIFE!

As a special educator who has worked in the public schools and tutored privately, I've observed that all students learn best in an emotionally supportive environment. Most students with special needs have accumulated a long history of negative learning interactions over the years. They feel inferior to "better" students, they sense that teachers expect less of them, and above all, they are painfully aware of their parents' disappointment and anxiety. I have tutored students at very different grade levels and found many of them full of anxiety, to the extent that in some cases absolutely no work was accomplished due to emotional roadblocks. Why? The problem may be an emotional one to start with, or it may arise because by the time parents decide to pay for help from a professional, they have exhausted themselves trying to understand and explain why their child is blocked. An emotionally supportive environment, paradoxically, may not be the one in which they are most loved:... read more

I have exciting news! My most current student raised his overall ACT score by 2 points after just 2 sessions! His Reading Test score alone went up 5 points. He now has the number needed for his college admissions!

Throughout the years (I used to work for a Test-Prep Company), I've constantly told my students to practice after I leave, yet some still won't touch the books after I'm gone! I explained to a student this week that, although I like to pride myself on increasing test scores, it's just not possible if the student won't take it upon his/herself to practice when I'm gone. I recently created a table of how much work students did while I was gone and what their consequential score increases were. You'd be amazed at how much higher the increases were for the students who practiced on their own! You would think everyone would do the most work possible, especially if they're paying a tutor to help them. This is, however, not the case. Perhaps we procrastinate or are just not enthused enough to go through all those SAT Reading Comprehension passages (joy). But think of how much better things would be if you DID that and then got a great score as a result! Studying and practicing doesn't... read more

I have been teaching for 6 years and hold a Masters Degree in Early and Elementary Education with a specialization in Montessori Education.I currently teach 1st through 3rd grade in a Montessori setting. I plan for my students and also provide parents with the tools to work with their child. I have access to numerous websites that help kids retain the information learned during the school year. Don't let your child suffer summer learning loss. I am available Monday to Friday upon request. I offer discounts on my hourly rate if sessions are more than one hour. Miss Ivonne :)

We did it again! All the students whom I have tutored for both regular academics and for the NYS ELA and Mathematics, have passed their exams. Some are moving up to the next grades, and others have received achievement awards. It is such a great feeling when the results of dedication from the parents, hard work from the students and myself, produce such a wonderful accomplishment. I am taking all my younger students out for ice-cream. We have to celebrate this milestone. I am available throughout the summer for anyone who may need my help. I must say that my calendar is filling up quickly, even for the fall semester. Have a great day everyone, while I gloat in this moment :).

Yesterday was a great day to be a tutor. Two of my students who were struggling in Math (one more than the other), have proved to me that with hard work and determination you can achieve. One of the students, his mom called me to say that he scored an A on his test. That was such great news as his grades were usually 60 - 70 on his quizzes and tests. I tutored both of them yesterday. I gave them a revision test just to see how much they have progressed and where they may still need more practice. I was amazed at how much better they were in comparison to six weeks ago, when I first met them. The other student, most times he would just look at the paper without knowing what to do. This time he completed the test. He still needs some more practice with fractions and probabilities, but he is doing much better now. So proud of both of them. Hopefully, we will be able to get through this quickly so we can start working on Geometry.

Reading is one great habit that can truly change your life forever. Reading can entertain you; amuse you, but most of all it will enrich you with knowledge, and experiences narrated. Reading purely for leisure is fun as we all know but there exist certain reading skills and strategies, which if mastered at a nascent stage can help us, be better and far more comprehensive readers. Although the term reading strategies might sound to mechanical and dry for the ears of a creative book-lover, these strategies can enhance your grasping power and help you get the most out of any book or any text that you lay your eyes on. These skills might not necessarily be learnt as rigid theories or rules but if understood well once they can definitely enhance the reading process and increase the quality as well as quantity of output that you get from after reading. Not only can these strategies can be taught to children right from school, but can also be used by any person of any age to help improve... read more

The ACT… One of the most important tests in a high school senior’s life. It sets the standard for where they’ll attend college, how well they’ll succeed, and shows them how much they’ve actually learned throughout the four years of high school. Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of anxiety in most students. Along with taking classes, there’s prep and practice for the ACT, family obligations, extracurriculars, and staying sane. It’s completely normal to feel stressed in this time of your life. My job is to make sure that you can go in feeling confident. The biggest thing that most people need to remember to do is: BREATHE. It’s only as big and stressful as you make it! Not only do I tutor for the ACT, I have also worked it. No, I do not know what questions will be asked. No, I can’t give you a copy. I can only help you be able to say that you understand the material and what is expected, be prepared for the time allotment, and help you keep your wits about you. Several... read more

I come from a long family line of educators, teachers, school principals, school superintendents. Teaching, coaching, learning, and improving are my passion and family value. I have a strong passion and desire to help students learn, solve problems and achieve success in their education and in their life goals. I thoroughly enjoy helping my students learn their material, solve problems, and improve their knowledge and skills. I also help my students improve their study skills, problem solving skills, and test taking skills. On a professional basis, I constantly assess systems for training effectiveness. I help students recognize, analyze, and solve any barriers to learning or academic success. My goal is to help my students achieve success, confidence, and satisfaction, and to apply this success to achieve any goal in school or life. Finally, I also help my students set and achieve SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based. Adopt a passion for learning... read more

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