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We did it again! All the students whom I have tutored for both regular academics and for the NYS ELA and Mathematics, have passed their exams. Some are moving up to the next grades, and others have received achievement awards. It is such a great feeling when the results of dedication from the parents, hard work from the students and myself, produce such a wonderful accomplishment. I am taking all my younger students out for ice-cream. We have to celebrate this milestone. I am available throughout the summer for anyone who may need my help. I must say that my calendar is filling up quickly, even for the fall semester. Have a great day everyone, while I gloat in this moment :).

Yesterday was another great day to be a tutor. I met with a young student for Regents Integrated Algebra and Geometry. She was so nervous when I first met her. I told her that I would put a curriculum together for her, and with hard work she will be fine. Week after week we work together. Slowly but surely she began exhibiting confidence, asking questions and solving problems. It was so nice to see. The best part is when I arrived yesterday she told me that she received a higher grade on her exam than the last time, at school. She told me that she has been studying, which was obvious by her performance. If I gave her a problem that she had difficulty solving, she would ask for more practice exercises like it. Three weeks ago she would never had done that. I am so proud of her. Both the student and her mom thanked me, and I hugged them as I left. I even received a referral before leaving. I really love what I do.

Yesterday was a great day to be a tutor. Two of my students who were struggling in Math (one more than the other), have proved to me that with hard work and determination you can achieve. One of the students, his mom called me to say that he scored an A on his test. That was such great news as his grades were usually 60 - 70 on his quizzes and tests. I tutored both of them yesterday. I gave them a revision test just to see how much they have progressed and where they may still need more practice. I was amazed at how much better they were in comparison to six weeks ago, when I first met them. The other student, most times he would just look at the paper without knowing what to do. This time he completed the test. He still needs some more practice with fractions and probabilities, but he is doing much better now. So proud of both of them. Hopefully, we will be able to get through this quickly so we can start working on Geometry.

The ACT is a tricky test and no matter what you do to prepare, reading is key to your success. Regardless of what you remember from English, Language Arts or even Science classes, if you are capable of reading effectively, you can score well. There are a variety of strategies to help students read for information. Once they have learned these skills the scores will automatically improve.

The ACT… One of the most important tests in a high school senior’s life. It sets the standard for where they’ll attend college, how well they’ll succeed, and shows them how much they’ve actually learned throughout the four years of high school. Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of anxiety in most students. Along with taking classes, there’s prep and practice for the ACT, family obligations, extracurriculars, and staying sane. It’s completely normal to feel stressed in this time of your life. My job is to make sure that you can go in feeling confident. The biggest thing that most people need to remember to do is: BREATHE. It’s only as big and stressful as you make it! Not only do I tutor for the ACT, I have also worked it. No, I do not know what questions will be asked. No, I can’t give you a copy. I can only help you be able to say that you understand the material and what is expected, be prepared for the time allotment, and help you keep your wits about you. Several... read more

I come from a long family line of educators, teachers, school principals, school superintendents. Teaching, coaching, learning, and improving are my passion and family value. I have a strong passion and desire to help students learn, solve problems and achieve success in their education and in their life goals. I thoroughly enjoy helping my students learn their material, solve problems, and improve their knowledge and skills. I also help my students improve their study skills, problem solving skills, and test taking skills. On a professional basis, I constantly assess systems for training effectiveness. I help students recognize, analyze, and solve any barriers to learning or academic success. My goal is to help my students achieve success, confidence, and satisfaction, and to apply this success to achieve any goal in school or life. Finally, I also help my students set and achieve SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based. Adopt a passion for learning... read more

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