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By now you should know that I like to get right to the point of each blog. Yes, I love to socialize, but hey, I know that we parents want it quick, correct and easy! Right? Ok, here ya go. BTW, this will be my LAST blog before my newest son comes any day now! Should you need to block tutoring time, e-message me please! Teaching money is the perfect candidate for hands-on learning. Kids love to spend money. Teaching them to count it, save it, and give it is good training. Each time they have an opportunity to handle money they will become better and better with money and how to handle it! My 10 year old daughter ROCKS! Today, we went to Ikea. They are offering free lunch till the 5th of this month for kids up to 12 yrs old. My yummy food came to $5.99. Although I had my 4 kids with me I only paid for my food- awesome right? So, I gave the cashier a $10.00. Before she could give me my change, my daughter had already chimed in my change. And she was correct! She usually is though... read more

"Perfection is no small thing but it is the small things that ensure perfection." Some of the lessons taught in the kindergarten of accountancy with the hope that "...when he is old he will not depart from it" are: a) debits and credits b) asset and expense accounts naturally having debit balances c) liability and revenue accounts naturally having credit balances d) the journal being the most potent tool for illuminating the double-entry system on which accounting is based. It is therefore disturbing, to say the least, that students at the levels of Intermediate Accounting 1 and 11, when asked to identify and journalize the two sides of a transaction, would respond with fear etched on faces ashen with consternation. As senior accountants and CFO's in the life to come, it is true that most will not be shackled with the mundane tasks of identifying debits and credits and making journal entries to effect adjustments and year-end... read more

If you're looking for hands-on ways to build your child's math skills, head to the kitchen. Math skills are important along with text books, manipulatives and games. Even very young children can help in the kitchen. At ages two and three, my niece and son assisted me in making a pumpkin pie. Having all the ingredients and tools ready to use will help when working with youngsters who aren't great at waiting. Math: Weights, liquid measures, dry measures - it's all there. Plus basic counting, fractions, addition, multiplication, and division. Reading: Recipes are predictable texts - they use the same words over and over again. That means that beginning readers can decipher them with just a little practice. Geography: Cook something from another country for an international learning experience! Science: Recipes work because of science - leave out the baking powder and the muffins won't rise. Cooking is full of hands-on science. Plus, your kids can develop art... read more

I know some of you might think it is an unpleasant job to do. However, in reality I am gaining as much as the students. I learn while they learn and I always find new innovative way to teach my students. Learning is fun, I have taught so many friends for Mathematics and Accounting and it feels good to practice these tough subjects on a daily basis. I know through my personal experience that it is hard at times to learn something, but there are numerous ways to learn. I take a small test before my students elect to study with me. I evaluate if they are good listeners or they prefer notes. Some students are good with pictures and diagrams, for the purpose of learning I do allow students to record lectures and if necessary I upload videos so that they can always look back and retain knowledge. I believe learning is a bilateral process, I learn from my students and they learn from me. Life is about learning, I hope I can help you achieve your goals and make learning fun for... read more

Please do not underestimate the benefit of a good education. This concept goes back in history to the time of Socrates. During those times, individuals that were educated were looked upon as scholars, wise, knowledgeable, and held in the highest regard. They were called upon by kings and queens and honored among the elite as of importance. Education today is and should be esteemed as just as important. The President has created programs to help individuals go back to school to obtain and or complete their education. There is a reason for this. A good education starts at home with the parents modeling, guiding, and directing that child to explore the world around them. The next level is when the child goes to school of higher learning. There they are taught by individuals trained to impart knowledge and information, ignite a fire in the mind, and bring forth a burning desire to grasp hold of the learning process and never stop. If this desire is nurtured, encouraged,... read more

When it comes to accounting assignments, things can get confusing quickly. Often accounting students will feel like they know "what to do" but don't have all the information needed. For example, when preparing a budget or calculating the value of line items like Depreciation or COGS. When given a bunch of useless data or "Business Information", accounting concepts can be used to extract Useful-Information and complete your assignment in efficient time. If you find yourself feeling stumped by an Accounting assignment, I'm confident that I can help. Contact me, we'll discuss it further so that you can decide.

One of the things I realized as a working professional is that I used only about 35% of the knowledge I had acquired in college. When working as an accountant, it was probably the debits and credits that were a constant in my daily routines. Occasionally, I would have to make investment forecasts, but these too were only periodical. Over time I started wondering if other accountants faced similar reality checks on their expectations. I must admit that when I changed jobs and became an analyst, my confidence had waned. I was not sure that I could perform effectively in my new position. After a few stumbles here and there, I realized that I had to do something about staying on the cutting edge with my skills. The economic down-turn has provided me with perhaps the best ever chance to re-tool, and succeed. Rather than wallow in misery, I took my predicament head-on. As I prepare to register for the CPA and GRE exams in readiness for doctoral studies, tutoring students... read more

I have taught accounting for 5 1/2 years at the college level. It has been thrilling tutoring in this area. It reminds me of the basic kind of transactions we perform on a daily basis and how we can better manage our funds faced with various situations. I am touched by the students desire to learn certain basic aspects of how one transaction gives a double effect in day to day life. This makes the role of an accountant necessary in life so that there is sanity in managing ones life and business should one undertake such a responsibility. My experience with WyzAnt has been very positive and as we advance I look forward to greater opportunities where I can serve the students more. Small beginnings build on greater days ahead.

After successfully completing the necessary Sub-Teacher Training, one of the requirements was to write our insights on education. I'd like to share this with the WyzAnt community: My Philosophy of Education To be educated means to be able to communicate effectively with peers, teachers, and the community. These traits are encouraged throughout a individual's academic career. It is first shown at an elementary level, where students' learn the necessary skills for basic academic achievement. If a person has mastered this level then they are prepared for secondary education, keeping in mind that the academic skills are increasingly challenging. At a High School level, this is to now concentrate on re-organizing the students' challenges into obtaining new skills and focusing on a career of interest. To summarize, students should seek the opinion of those that would provide them with the guidance and resources in achieving or exceeding their academic needs. It also includes... read more

My coworker, Felix, was completing his accounting through Wachovia. He has to attend 7 to 8 subjects in the month of March 2009. He asked me to help him with some of the math sample questions. I went through his math syllabus and found that there were 30 questions that I could solve easily. I took the homework and worked over the weekend to solve the questions. I am proud of myself that my math is still fresh from college. I handed him the answer sheet and he practiced himself on the same type of questions and secured a passing score in math. He got his degree in Accounting in April 2009. He thanked me for the help. Nowadays he is also looking for a government job in accounting in VA. I also helped him with his English course 115. I gave him some of help in vocabulary, essay writing, and other stuff to have an idea in that particular subject. Since he is a full time employee in Wachovia, he doesn't have that much time to go through each subject. My support helped him save time... read more

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