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As a tutor that have advertised myself as a teacher willing to help students with the CPA, I have come to find a wide spectrum of students with varying needs and propositions.  As a person who has studied and passed the CPA exam myself, I realize the number of hours needed to invest into the preparation, as well as the immense amount of materials being covered.     Before a student decides to reach out to a tutor, they should think about the following to facilitate their discussions with potential tutors:   1) What am I expecting out of the session, do I need to be taught the material, do I need pointers on being more effective and efficient in my studies, do I just need someone to keep me on track?   2) Do I possess relevant and updated materials to study, or do I need help from a tutor to locate that material   3) Knowing that there are so much material to cover and time needed to invest in my studies, and with the average... read more

Make your New Year's Resolution to increase your study habits.  That might include a qualified tutor who can help you get through the land mines of unfamiliar territory.  I taught accounting for 22 years at college level and would be glad to work with you during the spring semester.  My specialties are the first two accounting courses, managerial accounting, and cost accounting.    My goal is to recruit students who truly want to learn the subject matter, then to assist those students in achieving the highest possible grade in the class.    Please be a serious student; some have expected me to do their homework for them, but that is not what an outstanding tutor does.  I will help you walk through difficult problems and reach their solutions.  I will help you navigate but I won't drive the bus.    I enjoy working with community college students and four year school students.  My rates are reasonable... read more

Most people seem to have issues with accounting because they have trouble understanding the "why". Every time I help someone, they always have this perplexed look on their face. When we discuss the Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement), they don't understand why accounts are organized the way they are or the difference between Cost of Goods Sold and Expenses. Most people think accountants are just people who like math. Big myth! We are great with details and organizing data. If teachers, tutors and fellow accountants could explain the "how and why" of accounting, fewer people would have problems. 

Working out your accounting homework in Excel can be frustrating and tedious, especially for students just starting off their accounting coursework. You might think "hey, I can do this faster on paper with my calculator." But if you plan on getting past Financial Accounting, you're going to need to master this essential program, and homework is the best way to practice. Besides that, your professors will prefer it and in the long run your grade with thank you. Here's why: 1.) End of Term Projects Just about every accounting class I've ever taken has had a hefty term project, usually a set of financial statements, and its always due in Excel/spreadsheet format. While you may be able to get through most of the semester turning in homework problems done in pencil, you don't want to be struggling with both excel and complex calculations when the deadline for your term project is looming and you are crunched for time. Learn it now, and spare yourself the stress... read more

It is important to have someone that is trained and certified in the day to day procedures, management, direction, and processing of payroll. A common misconception is payroll consist of only printing checks. Maybe, you are asking yourself what is evolved in payroll?    Find A System Monitor First, you have to find a system to monitor and track the time of your employees.  You have to decide if that system will be electronic or manual.  You know still enter your time into a printed timesheet.  A more accurate choice would be electronic processing. Electronic processing involves the use of a time clock or a kiosk machine, and your employees can log in and out to track time. Gather All Time Cards And/Or Electronic Entries Second, gather all time cards or electronic entries and forward to manager, ect to verify the hours reported by the employee is correct. You will have to make corrections and changes... read more

Rather than repeat my open response, I would just like to take the opportunity to thank this site for its creation. I was referred to this service by one of my old professors from Skyline College in San Bruno, CA. Everyday, I wake up looking for a purpose i-n the morning. Education is a two-way street. Getting diplomas and degrees is a function of being a hard-working student coupled with knowledgeable professors, supportive friends and family and persistence. Being a tutor is a chance to provide encouragement and academic success to students in need of strengthening their weaknesses. Getting a new student is like the first day of school for me because we will learn from each other. One-way lecturing is no fun. Students will get light-heartedness, patience and follow-through until they are satisfied with results. When they take the test we are working towards, I will feel like I am behind them, cheering them on.

Congratulations to MADISON for her dedication and good grades in her challenging business classes. Madison, we're proud of you for doing a great job--it looks like you're going to get A's and B's in all of your classes. Since you are taking some very challenging subjects, passing them all and getting good grades is a praiseworthy accomplishment on your part!

Congratulations to CHRIS, for getting A's in some very challenging business courses. You are taking a heavy load of classes, plus you have other multiple responsibilities. You deserve a lot of credit for your good work in your Information Systems, Financial Accounting II, Management, and other classes. You're headed for success. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Niesha for getting an "A" on her Operations Management final exam. That was a challenging class, and I know you worked hard for your good grades. I am so proud of you for your dedication and resulting success. Keep up the good work, and before you know it, you will be graduating!

It's ChristmasTime! Can you believe another year will soon be over? As we reflect on this years events and look forward to a bright new year, keep your childs' education in mind. There are so many opportunities we all need to take advantage of. There are so many educational games, cards, books, and even dvd's that would make great stocking stuffers, events to broaden your childs' mind and time spent just talking. And of course, your weekly tutoring sessions! During this free time between the holidays, I will be available and ready to work around your busy Christmas and New Years schedules. They have been working hard, but the long haul will be coming in January. Let's not slack now. Keep them sharp and ready for new challenges. Call, text, email, we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. As always, I am looking forward to working with you and your child in the coming New Year. Happy Holidays to everyone!

I am excited to be among such inspirational tutors and students. Blog posts and open communication really adds value among tutors and students alike, because of the nature of the work. My goal is to not only inspire learning, but the love of learning.  We are all life long learners and need to remain curious.  In this post, I want to briefly discuss my background. I do have a background in Business/Accounting, but working in Education has always been my real dream.  I felt the desire to teach long before it became a reality.  That said, my background is still an interest of mine.  I have found that tutoring in Accounting has been really eye opening and wonderful. It has allowed me to gain a whole new appreciation of the subject again. I sincerely look forward to new challenges and experiences here.  "What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul" - Joseph Addison

The new school year beckons - be it middle or high school, college or post graduate study. Fall college visits, applications and essays are also just around the corner. Get a jump on what you or your child may need in terms of support for specific academic subjects, computer skills, standardized tests (SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GRE, etc.). I look forward to continuing my track record of success with students to assist them in maximizing their potential and achievements. David

A few keys to success in school (for people with or without A.D.D.): We need to concentrate on taking notes in classes, and possibly use a digital recorder to record some classes. (That makes a tremendous difference for many of my A.D.D. students, because they can "go back and listen" to things they missed when distractions occurred.) Examples of distractions include when other students are moving or making noises, worries or concerns**, being hungry, needing to go to the restroom, looking for a pen or pencil, or needing to sharpen a pencil, etc. There are many sources of distractions. Even **fear of failure** can be a distraction! What about memory problems? Actually all of us have trouble with remembering from time to time--it's part of being human, right? Heck, even computers have memory problems occasionally, so it seems that some degree of "forgetfulness" is basically a universal condition. Some good news for A.D.D. students: If we are able... read more

I was reading what another WyzAnt tutor said, and I realized that he and I have the same attitude towards tutoring: We cherish each and every student, and enjoy working with them, but we don’t necessarily want to build a long-term relationship with them. I compare this situation to birds learning to fly. They need help at first, but it is important for them to learn to be self-sufficient, and learn to handle the challenges on their own. My goal is to help you to get on track, fill in some "gaps," and then let you "fly" on your own, when you are ready. In the future, if more help is needed with a new challenge, I am always glad to help. As John from California said, "Many students were never taught the basic concepts behind their courses. Because of that, the entire course can be a struggle for them." That problem does not just happen out West. I have found that to be true here too. If you were never taught the basic concepts, we will work... read more

I have found that many students fear math and business classes as the teacher/instructor knows only a single approach to the topic and additionally cannot show the relevance of the subject with real world examples. With over 20 years of classroom and tutoring experience in math and business topics and my experience in the business and education sectors, I have a huge variety of experiences to draw upon to solve problems and show day-to-day relevance. Learning needs to be fun to engage the student and success must be achieved with every learning situation. I truly enjoy "Turning Distress Into Success"! Larry D.

Each year we turn a calendar over to January 1st and remarkably feel like it is a new beginning. For many it is just one more day in the count down to January final exams. For others it is decision time - do I stay in school another semester and take a break? Education is never a gamble. It will always be a benefit to those who put forth the effort. For those who are struggling in a formal program at a college or university, it is worth while to remember that self-education is also a proven route. There are many very successful people who developed knack for assimilating new information and putting it to work for themselves. If you are thinking about leaving school due to poor grades or perhaps inadequate financial resources, consider whether you have the ability to learn on your own. Make a "post formal education" plan that will keep you learning evening if you are not in the classroom. That might even involve an professional coach who can provide guided study and... read more

I have been driven to help students excel and succeeded for over 10 years now. I have a heart for every child to succeed. I tell parents all the time, Your child has a great potential. If he or she is not learning in the regular classroom it does not mean they have less of a potential but that the teacher is not using the right learning method to teach them. These are the students whom I have worked with for years to provide customized teaching showing the parent's how bright the children really are. I have had experience with parents who have financial limits and will negotiate the rate to provide the most tutoring for the child. Some have allowed only 2 hours at lowered rate but then 1 week later the child would excel with an A in math after only one week of help. Most parents who come back say that they saw a major difference in a short time such as the end of the first session. This has gone to show my faith to be true. Every child can learn and will with my help. If your son or... read more

I have great success in tutoring students enrolled in accounting courses. Many are confused regarding debits and credits and basically do not know what to do with the numbers. I want students to understand why we go through the steps to produce financial information. It really all does make sense. I have several years of experience in corporate accounting management. I currently teach and tutor accounting at a metro Atlanta technical college. I have a current CPA license and received my MBA in Accounting and Finance from Georgia State University. If you are having a tough time understanding accounting concepts, contact me. My job is not to do your school work for you, but to help you to better understand the assignment and complete your work yourself. I offer accounting majors CPA Exam Review in preparation for the Uniform CPA Exam.

Getting plenty of sleep EVERY NIGHT during the week of the big test. Drinking plenty of water (some extra) for SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE the test, and enough during the test too, in small sips. (Having to go to the bathroom a lot is also stressful, so moderation is important here). They say most people don't drink nearly enough water. If we are even slightly dehydrated, it can cause the brain to slow down 10 to 20% or more, which makes a big difference on timed tests that require you to think QUICKLY. Getting exercise, and the right mix of oxygen to the brain is so important. Exercise can also help reduce feelings of stress. Does anyone want to go jogging for a while before you get ready to go to the big test? Good nutrition -- protein is "brain food," along with the right vitamins, minerals, Omega III essential oils, B-Complex vitamins, Lecithin, etc. It is worth consulting a nutritionist if you want to have peak performance from your brain. I know several excellent... read more

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