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Personally, I became a teacher because I love to learn, and I had many teachers along the way that inspired me through their creative teaching methods. I'll never forget Doc Ann, as we called her. She would assign the most general, broad tasks with very few, but specific guidelines. Once she asked us to choose an object and describe how our five senses perceived it. If we could describe it well enough, without ever saying "give away" words, such as wet for water, etc., the class should be able to guess what we were writing about. It was a sort of writing version of charades. In another course, this one was Psychology 101, we were asked to break a social norm and describe to the class how it made us feel. Apparently it is socially expected to split the space in an elevator with other passengers. For example, if three strangers get on an elevator, they will automatically split the space into thirds. I decided to try standing next to a stranger, the only other person on the... read more

  One of my favorite things to help young children learn to read, in addition to drilling phonics, is helping them make their own books.  Of course, I keep the books short to accommodate their short attention spans.  Using books they made helps to break up the monotony of rote/drill work, which is very important.  We start with books that only contain words with the same sound, for example, the "oo" sound.  I find that the "oo" sound is very exciting to start with because one can make words that a child loves.  Some "oo" words we start with are "boo", boom, "zoo", "zoom", "moo", moon", and  the word " boot".   Children latch on to these words and really make a connection to the sounds because these are fun words.    Next, I make another book using two sight words .  For example, introduce the words  "I like".  On each page,... read more

Even though tutoring can be an "easy" job sometimes, for me, lesson prep is key.  Planning, testing, editing, and reviewing the subject matter helps to be more confident when presenting the lesson to the student.  As for the actual lesson itself... I think learning should involve the body and the emotions.  In this way the retention of the subject matter is greater.  For example, I can tell a student the subject but if the student demonstrates, or teaches me what they are learning they will keep it in their memory bank better.  GAMES!  Songs! Skits, Art projects, I use ALL of these things as teaching tools.  BUT, in order for them to work.... PLANNING ahead of time is a necessity!  So, I say that my lesson preparation time, is simply Working For Fun!

     Although I enjoy geometric constructions, as in solving geometric problems with the equivalent of a string, I find that many students have little to no interest in them. I particularly like learning about how ancient cultures such as the Egyptians used them to design Pyramids where the error in the corners are about 1/300 of one degree, much more accurate than can be seen and even more accurate than almost all houses built today. Although learning about their history is interesting there is not a lot of places to apply this knowledge in the modern world, i've solved some problems in surveying with geometric constructions but there are always more advanced CAD methods which can also do the trick; which is why I was happy to find Euclid The Game.      This is a straightforward game that applies all the basic principles of geometric constructions into a fun little game. Although it doesn't require the attention to detail the Egyptians would have... read more

New Braunfels Public Library   The public library offers many free programs for elementary students, including reading programs and other fun summer activities.  The library card is free to families who live inside the city limits of New Braunfels.   Math Games   K-5 Grade Level Games   Just taking time for 15-20 minutes a day, will maintain academic skills over the summer. Some students can lose up to 6 months worth of academic knowledge if they don't practice over the summer.  Keep up the hard work and have a great summer.           

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