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Hello there everyone!   I'm Jaclyn, otherwise known as Jacie without the k. Although I'm new to WyzAnt (and San Antonio!).   I worked at a writing tutor and Workshop Coordinator at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, which means I have experience with one on one and group tutoring.    I LOVE reading, writing, and rhetoric, which basically means analysis, though people have given the word a bad name.   I majored in English, emphasis in Writing and Rhetoric, and minored in Sports Health and Wellness. I am on my way to grad school to become an Occupational Therapist, specifically working with pediatrics.    Currently I work as a Personal trainer, which oddly enough, is somewhat similar to tutoring for school-related subjects. We set goals, find motivation, and most of all, make it fun.    Let me know if you have any other questions about me :)

Hi, guys.  I'm new to wyzant, but I'm not new to tutoring.  I've tutored at almost every school I've been employed at, and it's a big part of my job.  I have a master's in education, bachelor's in biology (and minor in chemistry), and years of teaching experience in a wide variety of science classes.  I've taught both middle school and high school.  If you're in need of a tutoring for any STEM subject, look no further.

I just thought I'd post a bit about myself and my family to give you a bit more information.  My husband and I met in graduate school in Oklahoma and were married in 2009.  After a year in remote Western Nebraska, we moved to Missouri to be closer to family.  Having settled in Rolla, we became licensed foster parents and started our own family which up to that point just included a stray dog, Casey, that we had adopted.  In May 2012, we welcomed our twins, Henry & Rachel to the world.  Things were a bit crazy for awhile since they arrived 3 months early but today they are happy & healthy 19-month old toddlers and enjoy exploring the world around them.   We moved to Jefferson City in the fall of 2013 to be closer to my husbands work (the Missouri National Guard).  So far we have enjoyed our time in Jefferson City.  I can't wait until the weather will cooperate so we can take more walks at Runge Nature Center!     I...

Sophomore year of high school, I struggled with my General Chemistry course. My parents insisted that I get tutoring help. During my tutoring sessions, I was able to ask questions that I felt shy asking in class. As I mastered basic concepts, studying became increasingly enjoyable. My tutor's support allowed me to gain confidence when approaching new topics and tenacity when solving complex problems. I took AP Chemistry my Junior year, earned a 5 on the AP exam, and a perfect 800 on the Chemistry SAT. I want to be a tutor in order to inspire high school students, especially those who are struggling with chemistry, biology, and mathematics classes; all students have the potential to succeed in these challenging subjects. It's just a matter of putting in a consistent effort with the proper guidance, and I feel privileged to be a tutor who can offer such support. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Davis in 2006 with a Departmental Honor Award and a Dean's List distinction... read more

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