ESL ConfabLab

I am always fascinated with what we can do through technology these days. I've raved about Skype in the past, but it seems that a possibly even greater resource has been passed along to me through word of mouth specifically designed to help ESL/ESOL students: ConfabLab. For those of you not familiar with this site, it is an education portal that records every part of the lessons that occur between tutor and student, including all that gets written on the "white-board" so that the student has all of the notes and discussion saved on their own computer for future use. The video is all in HD, so the quality is even higher than that of Skype, and best of all IT'S FREE FOR STUDENTS!! That's right! The only cost is for the tutor! It's so easy to use, it saves you money, and it's convenient because you can have lessons done in the comfort of your own home and do not have to travel all around the city to wherever your tutor is located. For all tutors who are reading this: it's incredibly cheap for you to use as well- 5 hours are free up front and after that it's a negligible pennies each hour you work. Tutors, if you're interested, visit to get more information.

For students, if you are interested and want to start learning with me, contact me through WyzAnt and I can give you the URL to visit my own personal ConfabLab website where you can register to become one of my students.

**Because I am using WyzAnt to help you understand other tools we can use as tutors, please understand, students, that all contact and payment must still first go through the WyzAnt website.


Tracey S.

Enthusiastic Tutor, Emphasis on Speech and Language

10+ hours
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