Certified Teachers??

Wow! Today's poll for all WyzAnt tutors was very simple: Are you a certified teacher- yes or no? To my surprise, only 30% are certified teachers. THIRTY PERCENT! Are you kidding? I am completely shocked by this low number. That means that 7 out of every 10 tutors located on this site have never stepped foot in a classroom. This certainly does not mean that the many tutors on WyzAnt are not good at what they do, and while it is true that teaching 25 kids in a classroom and consulting a student one-on-one are very different situations, teaching experience is nothing but a plus for you as a student when it comes to you finding a tutoring match for your needs. Let's be frank: private tutoring is not cheap, nor is it a decision to take lightly. You need to be sure when you make an investment into a private tutor that it is someone not only caring and hardworking but also experienced- and that, for most people's satisfaction, means certified.

If you're looking for a certified teacher, I am one of the tutors included in that 30% that are certified. Through the state of Texas I am certified to teach American Sign Language, Speech, Debate, and English as a Second Language. I also have private school experience in other areas such as Spanish, Elementary Education and many others. See my profile for more details. I'd love to ease your mind and help you learn! Looking for someone qualified? Look no further- we'll chat soon :)


Hi, Tracey, I would assert that at least 9 out of 10 tutors at WyzAnt have set foot in classrooms, as a student. Unless one was 100% homeschooled, one was educated in some sort of education system. As Todd C. correctly pointed out, many of the 70% you dismissed have worked in support roles or are pursuing their own teaching credentials and far too many people end up leaving high school concluding they could do a better job than many of the teachers they experienced. I will grant that they have no idea of just how much hard work the good teacher puts into their job, but I think they have a pretty good idea of how little work the poor teacher puts into theirs. While I will agree with you to the extent that I tend to give a slight nod to certified teachers over non-certified here at WyzAnt, there's no way that I'd agree to a blanket assertion that "higher degrees and certifications are beneficial", even though I have both. I've sat through far too many classes of abysmally poor teachers who weren't qualified to teach what they were certified to teach. In fact, some of the worst classes I ever experienced were at the hands of my education professors who one would think would deliver the best classes, no? I can't tell you how much business I get undoing the damage caused by certified teachers who don't know their stuff. So, why do I give a slight nod to the certified teacher?... because they've at least been exposed to proper pedagogy. That said, some of the best teacher's I've ever had were lay-experts who simply really knew their stuff and who were also naturals at teaching. I will agree with you that I’ve seen lots of questionable tutors on WyzAnt, certified and lay. The advice I give all my clients is to try me out for an hour with the assurance that WyzAnt will refund their first hour of tutoring if they don't like how I teach... I have yet to have a client ask for a refund or lose a client after the first hour. As the Buddha said... ~"Don't blindly believe what I say. Don't believe me because others convince you of my words. Find out for yourself what is truth, what is real," or as the Romans succinctly wrote, "Caveat emptor". For my money, I’d choose the “competent tutor” (irrespective of experience) over a tutor who merely claims to be merely “experienced”. Better still is the experience, competent tutor. Sincerely, - John H.
Tracy, wow!...such an interesting blog on being a certified teacher! Truly...I agree with you so much. I, too, have watched far too many videos of supposed "interpreters". Let me first say that so far, the ones I have watched on this site are damn good. Didn't get through all of them but would say not many were horrible. Youtube has a plethora of ridiculously incompetent signers. I do not call them interpreters, just signers. I was a state certified interpreter for 35 years and I find it so insulting, so misleading, so WRONG for most of these signers to post videos of them "TEACHING" people to sign. Because most of the viewers are newbies and have no idea if the signs are being done correctly, they leave comments full of praise and encouragement. Thank you signer for the made up signs or half signs/sloppy signs that now other qualified instructors have to re-teach. I applaud anyone who wishes to learn to sign but please don't get carried away with yourself and profess to be an expert and qualified to teach others. Many of these people have only been signing for 2 or 3 years! A foreign language takes much longer to master than that! You have only begun to scratch the surface with that much experience. John H. makes valid points in that not all teachers know their stuff. Couldn't agree more. But we do have to have some kind of testing in order to separate the beginners from the truly skilled. Just to be clear to those reading this that do not know....there is a huge difference in being a certified teacher and a certified interpreter. Completely different testing. I am not a teacher although I have taught sign language for years at colleges. But I AM a certified interpreter who has the knowledge to teach others to sign. People hiring a tutor need to know this difference! When I first began watching some of the youtube (and some on here) videos, I laughed. Then as I continued watching, and realized there weren't just a few, but tons, I became upset. Like I said before, there is no way for new signers to know that they have just wasted hours "learning" from these videos. Well! Anyway! I only hope the people who want to become an interpreter read this and ASK the tutors "Are you certified?" If they are not, I hope they keep browsing until they find someone who is. Thanks for the blog and for letting me rant a little!


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