Things one can learn in the first few years of school...

Elementary skills include:

1.)a strong basic math understanding (order of operations, the basic arithmetic skills, some pre-algebra~i.e., working with one or sometimes two variables in simple equations, percentages, ratios, etc.)
2.)a strong understanding of the basics of both decoding and encoding (i.e., reading and spelling, with an emphasis on phonics), vocabulary development (with an introduction to the basic roots of Latin and Greek derivation), and how words and their parts work together
3.)basic understanding of the mechanics of the English language and writing (sentence structure, paragraph structure, thematic writing, word usage and facility with dictionaries and thesauri), including such writings as letters, summaries, short stories, etc. This also includes reports of various nature~book reports (character, theme, setting, etc); science reports (thesis, hypothesis, observation techniques, facts noted, etc); history~using original documentation as well as second and third hand information,etc.; and other subject areas. Each report also needs to show simple bibliographic information, including website information.
4.)possibly elementary studies include basic arts and music information...perspective, colors, media; basic musical notation, staff arrangements, voice and instrument, timing, etc.
5.)physical activities: PE and sports rules and sportsmanship expectations
6.)civics~basic understanding of local, state, and federal government organization; some introduction to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence; the role of the good citizen in community~i.e., learning your rights and responsibilities; learning about community members and basic social interactions (which often includes how to get along with all sorts of folks~in the lunchroom, on the playground, and in the classrooms! :-)



Vanessa J.

K-6 Subjects, especially Reading & Language Arts

50+ hours
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