Recommended ADHD books

As any parent who struggles to connect, understand, mentor, and help their ADHD child knows, great resources for learning how to cope and manage this frustrating disability are a must! As I find resources that have helped me I will share them with you. A fantastic book I'm reading now that EMPOWERS me to feel confident as the expert on what my child needs is called Taking Charge of ADHD by Russell A. Barkley, PH.D. Finally, a professional who doesn't assume he knows better than me about my child! If you're a frustrated parent who feels pulled in every direction by all the intimidating "professionals" who aren't actually listening to YOUR expert opinion on your ADHD child this is the book for you. This book is strengthening my confidence in listening to my "gut" about what my child needs, teaching me how to put professionals' opinions in proper perspective as my advisors and not as the masters of my child, and helping me to be more understanding and empowered when dealing with my child's good days and bad days with ADHD. If you want to get help in becoming a more loving, understanding and firm parent without loosing your cool this is the book for you!


Sounds like a good read and that you are doing well to keep calm and deal with your trials. Good for you!


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