Will R: Filmmaker

I have some pretty varied skills. One of them involves making movies. I took a sabbatical from education to do something that was very near and dear to my heart. It combined three things that are very important to me: family, learning, and helping others. They all came together in the film "DreamRiders."

The short version is that I wanted to get closer to my estranged son so I proposed a 4,000 mile bicycle trip across America as a way to have the adventure of a lifetime and get to know one another again. I have also been impacted so greatly by stories in my life, stories in books and stories in film. I just knew that the issues we were facing as a father and son were some of the ones that many other fathers and sons struggle with. Inspired by the movie "Field of Dreams," an adventurous road trip, follow-your-dreams movie that ends up being all about a father and a son, I decided to try to make a film out of our journey.

With the help of many others, I succeeded in producing a film that appeared on the Travel Channel in 2009 and won awards at film festivals. Along the way, I’ve developed cinematography, writing and editing skills, along with all the components of video production. Of course, as a teacher at heart, I’m more than willing to share my knowledge. “Excited” would be a better description.

I edit in Final Cut Pro, but could also teach iMovie. I assemble DVDs using DVD Studio Pro, but could teach iDVD as well.


Will R.

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