Happy New Year!

Each year we turn a calendar over to January 1st and remarkably feel like it is a new beginning. For many it is just one more day in the count down to January final exams. For others it is decision time - do I stay in school another semester and take a break?

Education is never a gamble. It will always be a benefit to those who put forth the effort. For those who are struggling in a formal program at a college or university, it is worth while to remember that self-education is also a proven route. There are many very successful people who developed knack for assimilating new information and putting it to work for themselves. If you are thinking about leaving school due to poor grades or perhaps inadequate financial resources, consider whether you have the ability to learn on your own.

Make a "post formal education" plan that will keep you learning evening if you are not in the classroom. That might even involve an professional coach who can provide guided study and professional training.

What ever plans you have for 2012, let it be fun and full of wonder.

Happy New Year!



Debra F.

Financial Professional - Tutoring and Coaching for Success

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