Who Is Failing Our Children?

Many children, regardless of grade, are placed in honor programs, yet cannot pass their states standardized test. We are creating a generation that will enter a technological workforce with reading and math skill deficits they may not be able to overcome. Yet, I am encouraged by the students who do excel, but again am concerned by those who are being left behind.

 Usually these are children from poor neighborhoods, those who experience little supervision or love, and those who simply have no desire. I believe it is our responsibility-we the baby boom generation-we the hippie generation-we the free love generation-we of all generations who have been fortunate to receive an education that included accountability and discipline-our ability to instill that standard of education we seldom see today.

I am always impressed we allow our children to be educated by some of the lowest paid professionals in the country. At a starting salary most of us would turn our noses, these are true heroes. You have to be insane or so committed to your profession you place yourself in a position to be assaulted, be required to perform your job with limited resources or tools, deal with a board that in most cases has no clue what is best for education, a state that awards contractors with enormous bonuses for completing a job on time, counties that have no problem spending thousands on useless consultants and huge bonuses for management, yet cannot find the money to spend on education or teacher raises. Is it a wonder our educational system is failing our children?

The time has come for us to become actively involved by demanding to know where the lottery money is going, where the tax money is going, and demand accountability of all elected officials. It is no longer a republican or democrat issue-it is an American issue. It is time to revitalize volunteering on country wide basis to get involved in helping our children succeed through tutoring, mentoring, friendship, and communication with those children who are being left behind, and to those who are excelling, provide motivation and incentives for all children to succeed. Maybe if parents, grandparents, retirees, and peers come together in each community our children will have a much greater advantage in our competitive world and we will not have to hope the next generation will be like the last.


Re: your first few sentences... I think our kids are also in danger of not knowing how to hold a real conversation with real people in a face-to-face setting. The parents need to turn off the TV, turn off the computer, the video games, the DS or whatever initials those hand-held game are named and institute good, old-fashioned TALK! Sandra

Sandra, Well said and sadly it is so true. If parents did these things, I fear it would not be long before our fearless leaders decide it is child abuse to deny them their rights.


Mac M.

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