How science can be interesting

Not only is it not scary, but it can be challenging, interesting and fun at the same time.

What I mean by challenging is that it depends on your understanding of the concepts of science, not the facts. The facts of science are a History class. When a theory has been thought of, tested and proved by, not only the first scholar, but the many that follow, trying to disprove the theory.

If you religiously use the Scientific Method (scientific concept), are careful and record all your notes, work hard and with a mission; you can come up with a positive result.

Conversely, If you read a theory of someone else’s that you don’t think sounds right you can use that concept (Scientific Method) to try and reproduce the initial findings. If you are careful follow the written experiment exactly and your results do not show the same outcome you have found a mistake. Now is where it can be fun to discover where the Scientific Method was not followed, completely, the first time. You could find where there was a variable not held constant, when the investigator thought that it had been.

Perhaps they had not recognized the dependence of this variable on the outcome of the exercise. You are the detective that found the ‘missing link’ that erroneously led to a positive result.

You will probably be invited to work with the original investigator to see whether you can find an agreement on ‘tweaks’ to the theory or methodology used in order to attempt to prove it.


Eric W.

Science Tutor -- showing how science can be fun!

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