Edit Your Essay

You spent hours putting your essay together. However, you cannot stop there! Now you must edit your essay. Here are some basic tips to ensure that your essay is the best you can make it.

Check your essay for form. Have you indented the paragraphs and used proper spacing? Make sure you have used enough paragraphs to support your thesis statement. Ideally, you should have at least five paragraphs - an introduction, three paragraphs that each deal with a supporting point and a conclusion. Locate errors in spelling and grammar. You can use the spell check in your work processor when you're editing, but make sure the spell checker didn't miss an error. The spell checker often skips synonyms. Check each supporting point in the essay and make sure you have provided enough detail to prove your thesis statement. Add more detail if needed. Check over your essay carefully to be sure you have not repeated ideas. Eliminate repetitions. Show your essay paper to someone else and ask him to read and edit the paper for you. Often an additional pair of eyes will pick up errors that you missed. Read your essay aloud to yourself or another person. The sheer act of having to verbalize what you have written will help you to locate errors in style and form.



Karen S.

Reading and Writing Teacher

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