Study Guides are Helpful Tools

Study guides are a useful tool in preparing for an exam. Physically creating a study guide helps you to remember important details that you will need to know for the test.

  • Study your lecture notes and highlight the key points as you read, then make a list of these key points on a piece of a paper.
  • Remember to only cover the relevant points. It defeats the purpose if you create a 10 page study guide of notes that are not relevant to the test you are preparing for. You will just become restless and bored if the study guide is too long.
  • Use a variety of techniques in your study guide – draw concept maps, charts, and ask questions when making your study guide.

The key to studying is to find a way to engage with the material – make it personal and you will remember it.


I totally agree. So many students do not use their resources. One resource is the book itself. Technology has a lot of benefits offered to students that they don't utilize. There are study guides and homework help of websites specific to the book of study.



Karen S.

Reading and Writing Teacher

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