Just a brief entry for consideration. Economics is not theory; it is laws. There is no talk of the "Theory of Supply"; there is the "Law of Supply", for example.

The easiest way to handle economics at any level of education is to try and associate it with something everyday in your experience. Economics is always surrounding you. Try to associate rent, mortgage, buying clothing, buying groceries, getting gas for your car, and so forth. They all pivot on the laws of economics, somehow, some way.

Cognitively, it will enable you to connect and abstract economic law with a concrete everyday occurrence, and help you to make sense of it all. Along with daily review, it is the easiest way to get something into your long-term memory.

Lastly, economics touches every aspect of a person's life; you couldn't escape it even if you wanted to. Even people who barter services for another person's expertise in something are using the oldest model of economics: the Traditional Economic Model.


Howard C.

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