What does Dreamweaver really do

Often times I get asked this question by students who have opened up Dreamweaver for the first time and someone told them that it is a programs that makes websites. There is some truth in that statement, but very misleading.

Dreamweaver is a program that helps you build websites and also has a nicer interface to deal with. Most users that encounter Dreamweaver tend to be blind-sided by HTML and CSS code that will be necessary to make a website.

Dreamweaver will allow users to easily write content, manage files and help output your design in a browser to test the output result. What Dreamweaver will not be able to do automatically is make an E-commerce website. The user will need to have knowledge in other programming languages to complete an E-commerce website.

Now to be a little more clear, Dreamweaver can help you make a website without you writing any code; however, your website will have a narrow perspective to the broad range of technology availability.




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