A great student

I worked with a really great student today. She was studying for her AP History exam and was nervous, but she had already worked very hard and just needed to be refreshed in some things. I was really impressed because she had been very proactive and gone out and found the hardest questions she could that might be on her upcoming exam, things that she hadn't learned in class. She spent a great deal of time asking me questions and we both got very excited by all the connections she was able to make after she learned the things she had missed before. I have so much confidence in her for the AP exam and I'm excited for all the things she learned on her own, with me, and in class.


I like the Socratic dialog with your student and she probably got more out of researching the questions and interacting than any other method. One word of advice in history focus on the why rather then when and where. Things like why did Lincoln suspend writ of habeas corpus.


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