Practicing Spanish Verb Conjugation

This method requires one 6 sided die and a standard set of 52 cards (with or without jokers). It can be modified to help review a variety of concepts, this is just a basic version to practice present tense conjugation for beginning Spanish students.

For every value on the die, assign a person to conjugate for:
1- yo
2- tú
3- él, ella, ud.
4- nosotros
5- vosotros
6- ellos, ellas, uds.

Then assign a type of verb to each suit (ex. diamonds are ar verbs, spades are er verbs, clubs are ir verbs, and hearts are verbs with irregular present tense conjugations).

The student then rolls a die to pick who he is conjugating for and then picks a card from the deck to determine the verb he will conjugate.

By altering this activity there are hundreds of different options for reviewing both vocabulary and grammar.

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