Time Surfing 101

How do you spend your time? Got a bucket list? Want to learn how to timesurf?

It's very much BE, then Do, then Have...The culture has brainwashed everyone into thinking it is HAVE then DO then BE. Buying a tutu is not necessarily going to make you a ballerina or buying an expensive golf club is not automatically going to place you in the top ten finish of a golf tournament or having a laptop computer or website is NOT necessarily going to guarantee that you will have A+s or cash flow everyday.

"Time is more important than money!" should be a maxim that you live by everyday wherever you are.

I don't think cramming for any exam or test will ever work unless you apply the right attitude and right technique.

"The Map Is Not the Territory!" - the 1st Neuro Linguistic Programming presupposition.

One may imagine seeing your map and successfully achieving your destination by purely smart and hard work.

Does anyone ever use a time management planner or calendar anymore since the onset of MS Outlook or electronic cellphone calendars and alarms set to go off?

For each future student I work with, I'm able to shift my client's way of "being-ness" into an experience that learning is fun, exciting and that they are enabled to envision a successful specific outcome.

Imagine yourself a time surfer or time traveler getting prepped for an extraordinary future all because you've coordinated and been present in the now moment of studying your favorite topic.

Timesurfers are masters of the material and topic! How you do anything is how you do everything!

Be a master student of your me and set up an appointment now!

Learn the best learning techniques in the world to make you a success for business, media, film, psychology, philosophy and PASSING your tests with being extraordinary and re-creating your mindspace for time.

Be Do Have.


Nelson B.


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