Learning the Russian language

The Russian language is one of the most beautiful and complex languages. It is based on the Cyrillic alphabet which makes a lot of foreigners confused due to the fact that there are 33 letters and some of them look like the ones in the Latin alphabet but they sound differently, for example: Russian "?" is read [v], "p" is pronounced as [r']. Here is a piece of advice: when you are just starting to learn this language, the Russian alphabet is the first thing you will encounter and from this very moment you must forget the alphabet of your own language and not draw any parallels between the two alphabets. This is quite important and requires a profound practice. Once you've memorized the letters and their sounds, you may proceed to the reading stage. But always keep in mind that hearing a native Russian speech is a significant part of the process because it forms your pronunciation skills, allows you to read syllables and words properly. It is necessary to use tapes or CDs, interactive programs or, for a better result, help of a native Russian speaker. Reading (and writing) in Russian is a big accomplishment for a foreigner and it is something to be proud of. Gradually a student gets to know about Russian grammar rules and, along with that, there is a constant growth of the vocabulary. Another major advice is NOT to RUSH, you should take one step at a time while learning Russian, don't make all the information pile up and turn into a mess in your head. There is a lot of memorizing involved. But when the whole grammar pattern is understood and you have a good word-stock, the language is at your service - you can communicate with native Russian speakers, start reading famous Russian literature, watch Russian movies and listen to the songs and so on. I hope these tips will help those who are interested in learning this language and I am also happy to provide my tutoring services. Good luck to you!


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