Overcoming stumbling blocks to learning

Many people encounter stumbling blocks in their educational experience: a change of school, an unfamiliar teacher, absence from an education environment, learning disabilities (although I really do not like this term and prefer to call it learning differences - for each individual learns best in their own unique way). My job as a tutor is to help students overcome previous stumbling blocks - many people have a math phobia - but that does not mean they can not learn math. It is simply that the subject has never been presented to them in a manner that fits their learning needs best. As a tutor, I work with each student to find the way they learn best. I know and understand the difficulties that stumbling blocks in learning can present. When I was 17, I fell 35 feet while hiking in the mountains of Colorado. I was in a coma for 6 days, in the hospital for 6 weeks and in rehab for a year. With lots of help from supportive teachers, I was able to graduate with a BA in Biology from Bryn Mawr College. I then went on to complete a M. S. in Environmental Health at the University of Washington. I could not have made it through these years without teachers who were willing to work with me to find ways that my injured brain could still learn the material. I still have mild learning disabilities. If you or your child is very bright or trying to score over 750 on the Math or Reading section of the SAT, I am probably not the tutor for you. But if you or your child have faced stumbling blocks in your path to learning, and want to get back on track to achieving your potential, I honestly believe I can help.


Shannon P.

If you think math is difficult - send me an email- I can help

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