Finding a balance between design and function

Something that confuses me is whether a web designer should be an artist who codes or a programmer who designs. When I went back to college to study web design more seriously, I focused on learning the code side since I felt that art and design was a natural skill I had outside of school. I have taken art classes in junior high and high school, but I've been drawing all my life and even had painting lessons for a few years before the art classes. I dabbled in graphic design early on, but never took classes in it until well into my web design courses.

I do enjoy creating digital artwork, though I still enjoy creating art and crafts. I met with a student who seemed to enjoy incorporating a traditional craft look to her blog and replicating graphics that looks like fabrics and paper textures. The vintage style of these designs is something I always enjoy too. I found it very interesting to see websites that give a very traditional look. Perhaps it's my own interests in paper craft and fabrics that makes such designs so appealing to me. I appreciate good design, but I like designs with a vintage style that demonstrate creative use of traditional art forms.


Just wanted to thank you for the tutoring session the other day, it made a big difference and I thank you! Amelia
Thanks Amelia! I hope the teacher improved his techniques so the class could learn better.


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