Words from a happy clients!

"January 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
My son, Matthew, is a senior in high school and needed some extra help to pull his grade up in pre-calculus. During this school year, Martin has been my son's pre-calculus tutor. Over this past semester, while working with Martin, my son, who had been a C average student, has been able to pull his grade up to an A and keep it.

I am very pleased with how much my son's understanding has increased. Matt is much more confident in math now and I am thankful for Martin's help in tutoring my son. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a patient, even handed and learned educator.

Kenneth S."


"June 5, 2011
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Martin for his tutoring ability.

Our 15 year old son was failing Geometry; we felt he just wasn't grasping the concepts. My husband and I were having a hard time trying to help, so we ventured out to find him a tutor.

We hired him Martin to come to our home every Saturday morning until my son was out for the summer. Martin was able to connect with my son and teach him the concepts. We saw an instant improvement in his grades as well as attitude toward school. He stopped failing and was soon getting strong B's in all of his exams. His teacher was very impressed with his improvement and we owe all of that to Martin.

My son completely understands the concepts and now has the confidence to be a better student and move forward in math.We will definitely hire Martin again in the future. He is a very patient and talented tutor.

Tony and Kym L."


Martin J.

Martin's Math Mentoring (Mechanical Engineer)

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