Managing Health Under Pressure

Whoo, most of us just finished midterms or, for the younger ones, first quarter. Quizzes, new material, projects, exams, and all of life's activities outside of school fly at you with lightening speed. Organization is key during hectic times. Go through your class material every week. By organizing your notes, homework, and other class material in the appropriate folder/binders it helps review and retain the needed information. An organized binder helps ensure needed work gets done and turned in on time. I like to tab important sections in my book as well. New note tabs from post-it or avery remove easily without damaging the pages. This is great when you need to return the book later.

Even if you are unsure about that upcoming exam, don't skimp on the sleep the night before. Be sure to get plenty of rest, water, and food leading up to an exam. The body and brain function much better when given the right nutrients. Remember sugar and caffeine can spike your blood sugar and fog your focus.

The more challenging my semester, the more I like to incorporate exercise. Some stretching, fresh air, and any 45 min long activity helps get the blood pumping, endorphins going, oxygen circulating, and overall great way to reduce stress. The time I take to exercise also gives my brain the needed space to process the information I am trying to learn, or the parts of the paper I am trying to write.


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