Get Ready for Success!

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the new semester? No matter where you are in your education, first semester in college, or headed into that last one before graduation, being properly prepared will make all the difference!

1. Meet with an advisor and enroll as early as possible.

2. Get your books as soon as you can. Read through the table of contents and flip through he book to get an idea of what the course material will look like.

3. Know your schedule. Will you need to get up earlier then you are now? Now is a good time to start getting in a morning routine.

4. Get a planner (or use the calendar in your phone) to organize your schedule. This will help reduce cramming and over scheduling your time. Be sure to block out needed time for homework. I fill in all of my quizzes, exams, and reports due as soon as I know of them.

5. Get plenty of sleep, water, and good food. Healthy snacks will help stabilize your energy levels and give you needed brain food.

6. I like to set up my binders for all of my classes ahead of time. I label the spine's of each binder with the subject, course, and room number. I like to photocopy the front of the book and slide it in to the correlating binder. I use colors to help also. I like green for biology, blue for genetics, and so on. When I would use my laptop for my courses and notes, I create a main folder for the semesters course work with a folder for each class in it. I still like using colors there also. However you organize, the key is to be able to quickly find the needed material when things get stressful. :)

Check out my tutor course list. Genetics, Anatomy/Physiology, and biologies are my favorites! I also tutor chemistry and biochemistry. There are a few non science courses as well depending on the need.

Take care and I wish you the best in your educational career!



Sarah T.

Biological Sciences for visual and conceptual learners

300+ hours
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