Adult Chinese Lessons

The reality of a good instructor for teaching Chinese to adult learners requires knowledge of studying learning style about your students. I find it more effective if the teacher begins with listening and speaking skills rather than listening and reading skills.

Adult learners come to class with their prior knowledge of the Chinese language indoctrinated with Romanization of the Chinese sound system. It would be very difficult to correct their pronunciation if the teacher stay with the romanization of the pinyin system. I find it useful by allowing my students to simply listen to audio recordings of the content without providing them pinyin system. When they return to class, they will be already cue in to the tones and the sound system of the Chinese language. I like to create slideshow, or movie clips prompting my students to respond based to the theme, setting, time, places in the target language. At the same time, I like my students to use performance based task / functions to demonstrate their knowledge of competency in the target language. But of course, there are many foreign language teachers who are more experienced than I am, they may have a different pedagogy of instruction. I look forward to all feedbacks from both foreign language teachers and also students.

Please help to add comments, or constructive criticism. I just want to be a better teacher, and provide more opportunities for the community I live in.


Noela K.

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