What to expect

Hello Everyone,

In the not to distant future I will have the ability to perform lessons via webcam. The reason for this is that this will make it easier for both myself and the student. In the past, where and when has always been an issue. My current living arrangements do not allow the space to have students, nor is it then environment for it and sometimes the student is in the same boat. This would leave us with finding a public place that would accommodate us and the use of laptop computers and the space needed. Tutoring AutoCAD and Writing are both subjects that can easily be accomplished via webcam and/or application sharing or websites like WebEx for "Webinars" and such. Providing lessons in this manner frees us from the limitations of time in public places or personal space.

The most important thing any student should remember is that practice and repetition will increase their understanding of the craft they are learning. From that understanding will come speed and proficiency. Practice does make perfect.

Good learning to you all,


Ted K.

AutoCAD: Learn from 25 Years of Experience.

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