Onward and Upward

One of the problems of starting up new with a company like WyzAnt is that all the hours I have put into tutoring, all the hours that I continue to put into tutoring (through channels other than WyzAnt) don't help me recruit other students here at WyzAnt. Wyz-that? It's pretty simple. My private students can't tell everyone here at WyzAnt what they think of me.

As I mentioned before, I started tutoring High School. I discovered that, not only was I really good at math (my school gave report card grades in numbers and my high school math average was 97) but I was also very good at helping other people understand math. I started tutoring when I was 14 (in 10th grade). At the time, I had finished 9th grade Algebra, passing the NY State regent exam in the 99th percentile. So, I began tutoring 9th graders in math.

I tutored so many young women (I went to an all-girl school for high school) during the last 3 years I was in high school that I don't even remember most of them. There are two in particular (besides my own senior elective math class) I remember -- one was a good friend of my best friend (she was my first tutoring job outside of school and, hence, my first paid tutoring) and I helped her with geometry (which is still my favorite math subject). The second was the daughter of a relatively famous Rabbi (famous in our milieu) and the niece of the president of the University system our high school was part of. She and I became good friends, but she moved away to California and, while we kept in touch for a few months in the days before e-mail, I never saw her again (she passed away a few months back). When I graduated (right before she moved to California) she gave me a beautiful gold necklace as a graduation/I'm moving/thanks for helping me with math gift.

My first regular paying math tutoring "gig" was with a program called "Upward Bound".

I was in college at the time and the program was for economically disadvantaged college bound high school students. I helped students at 3 different local high schools, three days a week (one school per day).

A couple of years after I graduated college, I began working in other arenas, but I never forgot how much I enjoyed tutoring, how I enjoyed the one-on-one work with young people.

So when I was looking to make some extra money a number of years ago, I remembered my experiences tutoring and I started putting fliers up around town (I'm a graphic artist, so I used that talent to create an eye-catching poster). Around that time, I found out about a local family (three children) who needed someone to work with the children (on their homework and other projects) after school.

When I started working with them, the oldest and only daughter was in 6th grade, and the boys were in 4th and 2nd grades. The youngest is now in 9th grade and I still work with him occasionally. It was my work with this family that made me realize that I could tutor other subjects besides math (I worked with these young people on all their subjects, math, science, language arts, history, Hebrew language and religious studies).

Also about that time, I started working with the older of two sisters (there were others in the family, but I only worked with two of the girls) who I worked with over the course of 4 or 5 years. I also worked with a couple of friends of theirs. And, recently, I worked with a third grader to get her caught up in Hebrew language (she had recently changed schools).

I just began working through WyzAnt and I find it to be a very professionally run company. I had worked a few times (or signed up, at least) with on-line tutoring companies and I had a few bad experiences. (One place promised me one rate, then eventually paid me less than promised, and I didn't get all that I should have gotten even at the lower rate). I hope to be able to work with other students (I have been working with one student for a number of weeks).


Debbie I.

Long Time Math, Judaic Studies & other subjects Tutor Highland Pk, NJ

20+ hours
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