1st lesson

We started with the basic LHB (Long Horn Band) warm up for at least 5 minutes as well as the chromatic scale. We also practiced the flat scales that are usually seen in an ATSSB try out. Then we looked at two of the trumpet pieces he is expected to learn for the fall. We practised them 4 measures at a time and repeated parts we had trouble on until they were familiar. We also discussed differences between the arrangement and the original song, and the 1st and 2nd trumpet parts. Next time I plan to bring Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars music to practice for sight reading. Today was a trial run for both of us to see what we really needed to work on and how to make the best of our time. We got done faster than I thought we would so next time we should focus on something more specific. We also cooled down for the last 5 minutes, playing long notes, both high and low pitches.


Laura M.

Enthusiastic Certified HS Teacher and Research Coordinator

5+ hours
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