Helping students to become self-sufficient, confident, and successful in school

I was reading what another WyzAnt tutor said, and I realized that he and I have the same attitude towards tutoring:

We cherish each and every student, and enjoy working with them, but we don’t necessarily want to build a long-term relationship with them. I compare this situation to birds learning to fly. They need help at first, but it is important for them to learn to be self-sufficient, and learn to handle the challenges on their own.

My goal is to help you to get on track, fill in some "gaps," and then let you "fly" on your own, when you are ready.

In the future, if more help is needed with a new challenge, I am always glad to help.

As John from California said, "Many students were never taught the basic concepts behind their courses. Because of that, the entire course can be a struggle for them." That problem does not just happen out West. I have found that to be true here too. If you were never taught the basic concepts, we will work on those first. That will give you a "foundation" that we can build on, so you can be confident and master your most challenging subject.

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