Helpful tips for learning Spanish

Useful Study Tips for Spanish

*Make flashcards for vocabulary, verbs in the infinitive form, conjugated verbs, expressions, conversation examples, etc. with English on one side and Spanish on the other.

*Read out loud to yourself in Spanish to practice pronunciation and to practice comprehension of what you read.

*Act out verbs to help yourself learn them better and faster! Por ejemplo (for example), if you are studying the verb 'bailar', DANCE as you SAY the verb!

*Write difficult words or phrases 10 times each, and make sure you know how they translate into English!

*Use sticky notes to label your bedroom with Spanish! (door, bed, desk, window, floor, closet, bathroom, tv, phone, mirror, chair, lamp...but in Spanish, of course!)

*Watch the Spanish channel on t.v. and listen to Spanish on the radio! Try to get the main idea of what is being said, rather than trying to understand every word.

*Choose a DVD that you know really well, and check to see if you can either put on Spanish subtitles and/or Spanish audio. Since you know the movie really well, you'll be able to follow what is said so much easier!

*Practice your "Spanish" as much as you can! With a friend, neighbor, adult, your teachers!


Talia P.

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