The Number One Thing Every Middle School Student Needs to Learn

I have recently been working on finding that common thread for all middle school teachers, parents and students. This week, an amazing teacher put it very simply, and I felt the need to pass it along. It does not matter what the subject or content area, regardless of the skills a child possesses upon arrival, it is the teachers responsibility to teach a child HOW to learn, not what to learn. While topics of study are important and foster inquiry, if we fail to teach children how to learn then we have failed the child. I believe that if a child develops an understanding of how to access information, and what to do with it, once they have that information, then we have opened the door for success.

Tip # 1. Have your child develop a list of all the things they have to do, and then estimate the time it takes to complete them. Then, keep a record of how accurate their estimates are.


Samantha M.

ACT Prep, Reading, Math, Study Skills

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