Read It Aloud as You Write

Writing poses problems for many, and as a high school English teacher for several years, I have seen the various types of writing challenges.

In my years of teaching all levels of high school English: Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, Honors English, Regular English,and all other levels, Gifted, Basic, I have found that the act of writing, whether at the highest level or the more basic, can generally be improved when the writer takes time throughout the writing process to read aloud what has been written. More often than not in my experience as a teacher, students have written entire essays without once stopping to actually read what has been written.

In failing to perform this very basic but vital step throughout, the writer is deprived of a very valuable editing tool: hearing what has been written. This built in tool,when used consistently, will assist the writer in thinking more clearly,and when the thinking becomes clearer, the writing improves also.

No matter what the subject on which the writing is done, the over all product is improved immeasurably when the writer takes reading breaks (and make corrections as needed) throughout the writing process. Developing the habit of reading, especially aloud, what is being written will,over time, produce better writers at every level of the writing process.


Barbara J H.

Award-Winning Educator,Published Author,Highly Effective English Tutor

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