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How Expectations Matter

On September 17, 2012, Morning Edition (on National Public Radio, or "NPR") shared this article: "Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform." I recommend it. Here's the link:

So, what are my expectations? That all can succeed, given sufficient support and guidance.
1. Students who believe they can't do something, after being shown and walked through examples, often can, when the tables are turned. Just ask an Algebra II student of mine who had to teach me quadratic equations to finally appreciate that he got it.
2. Students so afraid of failing that their minds freeze up and feel empty often suddenly know their subjects, when the tension and fear are broken by the surprise of a good laugh.
3. Perhaps most important of all, as suggested in the article, students are encouraged by the reflection of their own potential in the eyes of their teacher, be it school teacher, outside tutor, or parent.
4. I also expect myself to tailor ways to bring out the best in each student, so that the student can see it. This, as the article suggests, actually works.



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