This post applies to all subjects, not just the three listed. That's because a tutor's rating average, posted on the profile page, is a conglomerate average of all subjects that tutor teaches. It's not broken down into subject subtotals.

A perfect score of 5.0 in the ratings comes from great students and parents who appreciate when a tutor goes above and beyond the call of duty. One parent used the word "ideal." Sadly, he applied a 4 star rating to the very lesson he described as "ideal" when questioned. You see, I can't know where to improve without asking, so rather than merely ignoring the 4 star rating, I inquired the basis of it.

WyzAnt won't change a rating unless the rater addresses WyzAnt directly to do so. Sadly, that parent chose to remove the rating rather than allow it to concur with his first-hand impression. And where did that impression come from?

I tutor by combining what I know of each subject with what I learn about the educational base each student has, what the classroom teacher requires, how each student learns, and how the brain functionally incorporates new knowledge. Everything is involved, from the way each of the five senses input data to the brain to how adrenalin can help or inhibit the learning process, based on positive or negative images and mood. That light bulb going off over a student's head, when a seemingly impossible concept breaks through and makes sense, inspires a good rush of adrenalin. Staring at practice questions in fear of failure inspires a bad rush of adrenalin.

Naturally, my brain reflects the adrenalin surges of my students. I can get enthusiastically carried away, running a lesson overtime if the student allows. I don't charge for the extra tutoring, because permission wasn't requested in advance. It's a gift, to my students and myself, a gift of education in its most enjoyable form.

Parents are invited to sit in on their children's lessons. I believe so much in education, that if the parents sit in, learn or refresh their own knowledge, and can thereby further support their child's progress, it is all for the same goal and therefore should be part of the lesson. Most parents don't have time, but the parent who said our initial lesson was "ideal" did, and it was a lesson that ran well overtime.

I am a perfectionist. It is my nature. Never would I have come close to reaching the career goals I did, before before becoming disabled, otherwise. At the same time, I have always demanded more of myself than of others. My goal is to maximize the personal potential of each student. And for that, I hope to continue to earn the trust and respect of parents who appreciate and rate tutoring sessions with five stars.


Lesley S.

An Experienced Natural at Teaching

1000+ hours
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