Trouble with English, Try This...

Are you having, or may have had, trouble remembering the 8 parts of speech? Try the acronym IVAN CAPP:

Interjection Conjunction
Verb Adjective
Adjective Preposition
Noun Pronoun

The first is “I” for “Interjection.” Interjections are the easiest of the 8 parts of speech to remember. Here are some examples: “Ouch! That really hurts.” “Wow! I got an ‘A.’” “Man! That was a really awesome wave.” “Ouch,” “Wow,” “Man,” are all interjections, but you don’t always have to use exclamation marks with interjections. When you use exclamation marks you’re yelling; however, if you don’t want to express so much emotion, then substitute the exclamation marks with commas. Here are the previous examples but with the comma substitutions: “Ouch, that really hurts.” “Wow, I got an ‘A." “Man, that was a really awesome wave.” (This would also count for one of the comma rules.)

Next time with IVAN CAPP “Conjunctions”


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