Boost your Grade

So School is now well on its way ... You're enjoying your new friends, getting back into the swing of things, but maybe struggling a bit in an area? Maybe starting a new language or picking up with your skills from last year? Do you need a refresher or just a little quick-start to get you to the top of your game and help you to feel comfortable and confident in class? There's nothing like a little extra help to gain the confidence you need. You'll enjoy class more and won't have to struggle so much over your homework ~ it will come naturally & save you time :). Having the extra support of a knowledgeable Tutor will help you reach your goals and will also help you to learn language in a way that will last :) (At least if you go with me ... ;).

So if this describes you, please pick up the phone or shoot me an email. I look forward to it!


Julia G.


Julia G.

Certified French & German Tutor - Native

200+ hours
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