Want to Catch up this Summer?

Summer is a great time for lots of fun things! Going swimming, meeting up with friends, taking a trip ... and why not learning a new language? Have you always wanted to learn a language?

Summer is a great time to get a headstart. Invite a friend and do it together. Learn a language (German or French :)) by learning as you learned your first language! Immersion - Conversation - Matching images and context to sounds and words -- It's a great way to start your summer and gain a new skill that is fun AND useful! :)

Or are you a student who has been taking French or German for school? In that case ... take a little break... & then catch up in summer! Just a few times a week or a regular session throughout the summer can make a big difference!

Then you can start out the school year ahead & feel good about being in class and understanding :)

Just a few Tips for Summer Fun (& learning :))! Have a great ONE :)



Julia G.

Certified French & German Tutor - Native

200+ hours
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