Thoughts on the importance of school-life balance, particularly in high school

I’m proud of the fact that though I've done well at school, I have balanced view of life. I view happiness as the goal of life, and getting an education that's right for you as one of the things that helps one be happy. I very much believe that activities outside of school and character are important, not only as additional factors in the application process, but also essential components of happiness. I don't think one should ever study so hard as to give up the extracurricular activities one loves, even if they aren't especially useful for college or medical school. In college and medical school, I’ve sang in a choir; performed with a Shakespeare troupe; went to lots of performances and exhibitions in New York and San Francisco; spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. So if you're looking for a dedicated tutor who wants to help you excel academically but who respects and supports you or your child’s setting limits on how much work you or your child does, I'm your tutor. I think it’s valuable having a tutor with a balanced view of life, especially for high-school kids, who are under a lot of unbalanced pressure to excel academically and get into the most prestigious college.


Clark Z.

Stanford medical student passionate humanities and sci enrichment

20+ hours
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