Jewels in my journal and battles conducted in silence.

Summer is a fabulous time to capsule those private thoughts that float through your head like a drifting cloud at the beach. You've probably heard the phrase, "pearls of wisdom"? Grab some paper (staple the pages together like a little notebook ...guys put your favorite pic, design or logo on the cover; girls, you're probably more accustomed to capturing your innermost thoughts in a private diary) or purchase a notebook at the dollar store and just start writing. BTW, yes, by the way, I am talking about handwriting (printing or scripting) your thoughts and maybe even trying your hand (I dare you) at doodling a primitive sketch or two of a subject that floats your boat. Yes, I'm giving you permission to doodle!

Journaling is a fun way to keep your writing skills honed and your imagination (that we are all gifted with) limber and sharp. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that this very private activity spurs you on to discover some very interesting things about yourself, your interests and the types of things that reoccur in your daydreams. Possibly, you will find, within your daydreams and your own innermost thoughts, the life answers that may have been eluding you.

Like a time capsule, these captured reflections, when read a year, five or ten years from now may reveal some useful observations. Also, this kind of activity is good for youngsters, tweens, middlers, boomers and super seniors. Consider this a very intimate form of discussion with own thoughts. You may be able to read some valuable information written by you for your audience (who may, coincidentally only be you). Journaling may also become a cathartic way to resolve problems or issues that may have been eating away at your peace of mind or esteem. Similarly, you may wish to capture the gratitude you may feel for your life, health, joys, friends, family - whatever gives you a sense of pleasure.

Parents, kids, friends, spouses, whatever the relationship being plagued by unexpressed concerns could find resolve in written format. Journaling or written letters may prove to be good ways to dialogue in a silent and non-confrontational formats. Disagreements or unexpressed anger may be "fought" as battles conducted in silence. Write about your fears, hurts and anger and exchange with the other writer/reader [a parent, a sibling, friend, lover, co-worker, spouse - whoever you are waging war with]. Each of you will be able to quietly read and reflect upon the other person's innermost feelings. The written word and the silence of solitude may diffuse reactions and provide cooling off time and the space to review the words and reflect upon them. And perhaps you will find the ability to respond, in print, in a more effective, less volatile way.

I hope you may find some jewels in the midst of your writings. At the very minimum, you will find the treasured thoughts of a very important person - you!


Lana B. M.

English (Comp and Lit), Writing and Marketing and College Counseling

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