How to be present in any situation

How to be present in any situation:

We all know it’s difficult to pay attention during classes or meetings. Most people have an attention span of 15 minutes before they zone out. This is why movies are so fast paced, otherwise we’d all be sleeping! Below is a list of ways for people to be present and pay attention during these long boring meetings.

1. Sit or stand straight. This shows people that you are paying attention.

2. Look in the general facial area of the person presenting. Do not give them a cold hard stare, otherwise they will feel intimidated.

3. Interact. Interacting is a proven technique to help you stay present during class or meetings. Whenever the opportunity arises, answer a question, give a nod to the presenter and take a few notes on what (s)he said.

4. Don’t play with your cellphones!


This is a great post on professionalism, something that seems to be greatly undervalued among many young adults. #4 is especially bad in today's age in lecture rooms and choral rehearsals. It is very unprofessional and extremely disrespectful to instructors and presenters who could help in future job networking.


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