They go together

When I was in college I double majored in math and chemistry. Then, and now, I got comments about it being an odd combination. That is just not true. Math and science make the perfect combination. In biology you have decay rates, population tracking, and probabilities and statistics. Algebra is the tool in general chemistry while calculus is the tool of physical chemistry. You also have decay rates and probabilities and statistics in chemistry. Physics is all about the math. Whether algebra or calculus based, physics is about calculating velocities, times, friction, etc.

I have found my math background to be extremely helpful my chosen field of chemistry. I can't imagine studying any scientific field without using some form of mathematics. So, if you are thinking of being a scientist, study math. And if you are studying math, think of the endless applications in science.


Deborah D.

Experienced HS Chemistry Teacher

100+ hours
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