When should I get a tutor?

Are you having some difficulties with your math or science class? Many students have this feeling at some point during the semester. Unfortunately, most of them think that the new chapter will be starting soon and then everything will be ok. While this might be the case, math and science are two subjects where the material builds from chapter to chapter. Missing a key formula or concept in one chapter can really affect how the rest of the semester goes.

So don't wait too long to get some help. Maybe all you need is one or two sessions with a tutor to clear up a concept. Hiring a tutor doesn't have to be a long term commitment. But if it turns out that more help is necessary, you've made a great decision in starting early. Remember, it is better to have a tutoring session early and clear up any misconceptions than to feel like you need to learn a whole semester of material in a day or two before the final.


Having tutored math for many years let me emphasize Deborah's point.
If your student needs help then damage to their grade is happening DAILY.  Concepts build one upon the other and soon the grade is non recoverable to it previous potential.  I would much rather help a child for a short time than try and rescue a lost passing grade back up.
Russ B.


Deborah D.

Experienced HS Chemistry Teacher

100+ hours
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