500 WyzAnt Hours -- A Milestone For Reflection And Moving Forward

I most recently achieved 500 HOUR status on my WyzAnt profile. This hallmark wasn't even on the radar screen back in April, 2011, when I began with my very first tutoring clients. Persistence, high-level energy, reliability, and finesse in nurturing long-term relationships with the students all combined to produce this special milestone. The overwhelming majority of the students who partnered with me from early in the school year and for 7 months or longer on a regular basis earned A's in either a math class (such as Algebra 2) or advanced chemistry (pre-AP, AP, or EARLY COLLEGE HS DUAL CREDIT). Naturally, these levels of achievement brought me a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction.

Where will things progress from this point? To adopt the exact mind-set from the concluding words of my high school valedictory address, "OUR LIMIT IS THE SKY." As long as I continue to be totally dedicated to the academic and personal successes of my secondary (both public and private school), community college, university, and health and medical field-directed students, there is no telling where this WyzAnt adventure will lead. And all this will continue to propel me onward!


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